About Us

When it comes to your health you don’t want to leave that in just anyone’s hands. And with Big Pharma nearly bribing every large media outlet to cover only the facts that they want you to see, it’s become nearly impossible to find a health news source you can trust…

To combat this movement of subjective coverage… that could put your health in danger… a small group of patriotic writers and editors came together to form a new site which we call Real Healthy News.

We are everything the mainstream health media is not. We don’t bow to the controls of big corporations, we vet every article and fact check every source to strip away the political spin and the greedy agendas to bring you the information you need to protect yourself… and your family.

Real Healthy News exposes the truth behind the health headlines and gets you instant access to credible news to help you make informed decisions for yourself and for your family.

From what’s lawmakers are really doing to impact your health… to the latest health trends… to underground health topics you’d never find anywhere else, Real Healthy News has you covered… with the unbiased truth.

In these uncertain times, now more than ever, you deserve to have a health news source you can trust to stay informed and protected.